Meet Max. 

Growing up with the magical tale of the Wild Things, written and wonderfully illustrated by Maurice Sendak, I never would have thought that it could be brought to the big screen and still capture that same feeling on wonder, hope, and loneliness that childhood is colored with, but boy was I wrong. Director Spike Jonze imbues this modern day fairy tale with all the excitement, adventure, and longing that we have in some way felt as we navigated the perilous crossing from the eternal summer days of our youth into the more confusing and exponentially less magical time that is adulthood. Young Max is your average eight year old boy living with his single mother and he feels lost, lonely, and sad as he moves ever deeper into an imaginary world of his own creation. After a fight with his mom, Max runs away from home and eventually finds himself on a mysterious island inhabited by a pack of strange beasts known as the Wild Things. This child soon becomes their King and is swept off into a life of fun & games, but he quickly realizes that a deep despair is lingering just below the surface. Nothing is perfect and nothing that is gold can stay, and soon max realizes that life is imperfect but everything he needs is waiting for him back home. I think we can all fundamentally relate to that.

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