Meet Shaun & Ed. 

You ever have a best friend? One who helps pick you up when you're feeling down? One who you just want to hang out with the couch on and play video games for hours and hours? One who helps you fight a ravenous zombie horde through suburban London after an all-nighter of drinking? Well Shaun does. He and his best friend Ed are the ultimate best buds in this horror-comedy romp. Shaun, recently dumped by his ex-girlfriend, is taken out for a night on the town by Ed in an effort to cheer him up. Only once the booze wears off and the cold light is upon them do they realize that something is not right; not right at all. London has been overrun by monstrous zombies in the night and Shaun and Ed are stuck in the bloody thick of it (and hungover to boot). Shaun's goal: to rescue his mum and save his ex-girlfriend and in the process rekindle their relationship. Can Shaun lead his friends and family to safety in this zombie nightmare? Can he be the hero that he needs to become? Will the beer at the pub still be cold when they arrive? Shaun of the Dead is a genre-bending masterpiece that features not only amazing comedy, gruesome violence, but also a ton of genuine heart. Picking Shaun and Ed as two of my Heroes was a no-brainer (zombie pun intended!) as they epitomize everything which is amazing about the everyman hero and their epic adventure is sure to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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