Meet Sweeney. 

Another in a long line of magical and successful collaborations between director Tim Burton and his long-time muse Johnny Depp. This Victorian musical set in the seedy underbelly of London tells the revenge tale of a man, now known as Sweeney Todd, who takes up the position of barber and uses this artifice (as well as his razor blade) to kill his victims. With the help of a pie shoppe owner (played by Helena Bonham Carter) who bakes the remains of the dead men into her pies, Sweeney comes ever-closer to ending the life of the corrupt Judge who stole everything from him long ago. This pairing of Burton and Depp once again provides a memorable, Gothic aesthetic filled to the brim with rich backdrops and colorful characters. Depp's look as Sweeney Todd is again proof that he is the best character actor working in the business today.

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