Meet Edward. 

At some point in our lives we can all fundamentally relate to Edward Scissorhands and his struggle. He is an orphan, an outcast, and an innocent, who is not prepared to deal with the trivial complexities inherent in modern suburban society. Upon his immersion into "normal" society, Edward is in short order welcomed, deified, scorned, and then summarily ostracized.  We know that struggle because we have felt it; whether amongst friends, family, or in our personal lives we have felt that descension from wonder and hope, to being cast as a pariah by those with whom we have entrusted our fragile sense of self-worth. When Edward's heart flutters with those first few tugs of romantic interest we are one with him because we know the exactness of that keen sting of young love. Pair this eternal fable of a doomed gothic Romeo with the ever distinct stylings from the depthless imagination of Tim Burton and you have an iconic, albeit deeply tragic, hero for the ages.

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