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Star Wars - Darth Maul

Meet Darth.

Say what you will about The Phantom Menace (I know I have), but after a 16 year wait between films in the Star Wars franchise George Lucas did truly gift us with at least one remarkable thing: Darth Maul. And though in his Episode I role he wasn't given a lot of subtext or character, but he more than made up for that with the sheer brilliance of his appearance. This horned devil of a Sith apprentice made more the most of his limited screen time between his ominous words whispered huskily to the future Emperor and his unmatched acrobatic style of lightsaber dueling! 18 years on from our initial introduction to the character of Darth Maul he is still etched so deeply into our minds as the one thing without a doubt that George Lucas nailed perfectly right in the first prequel.

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