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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Leatherface

Meet Leatherface.

It's hard to forget the first time I saw The Texas Chain Saw Massacre... I was in college at the time so I was a little behind in seeing it, but it was one of those movies that carried a big reputation, much like The Exorcist, and you always knew about it even if you hadn't actually sat down and viewed it. So there I was at home on my Summer break and my mom was gone for the weekend so I thought why the hell not just pop the DVD in and finally give the film its due? Mind you this was the middle of the damn day in my mom's old sun-filled and cozy house, but from the minute that hideous "CRRRRRRREAK" sound effect of the camera flash plays over the grim narration I knew I was in for it! Couldn't sleep all night, kept hearing chainsaws buzzing in my head and picturing that scene where one of the teenage male leads is searching around the house at the foot of the stairs when suddenly that hulking monstrosity throws open the metallic sliding doors to his own private murder palace and drags the poor dummy inside kicking and screaming. That was my introduction to the very violent world of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and it is everything I wanted it to be and more. Cult classic, slasher film pioneer, instantly iconic, this low budget horror motion picture has it all. And here 15 years after I first saw the monstrous thing I decided to honor it with a reproduction of that main man himself, the man with a mask of human skin, the beast with the blade, the psycho butcher of Texas himself: Leatherface.

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