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Harry Potter - Harry & Voldemort

Meet Harry & Voldemort. 

Harry Potter is every bit the equivalent of the iconic modern day hero as Luke Skywalker, that young and idealistic farmboy was back in the darkened cineplexes of May 1977. Orphaned as a baby under mysterious circumstances, shipped off to a new and strange world filled with wonder, and imbued with immense power that he must learn to harness and control as he moves from childhood to become a man, Harry Potter is the mythic hero as age-old as time itself. With all the odds against him he will sacrifice everything to defend those he loves and the world they inhabit from destruction of the darkest wizard who ever lived: Lord Voldemort. Seduced by the dark arts as a young boy before assuming the identity of Voldemort, this evil sorcerer is hellbent on ascending to the throne of power within not only the Wizard World, but that of the Muggles as well. If Harry is contemporary Luke Skywalker than Voldemort is Darth Vader; twisted and evil. Their cinematic encounters over the span of an 8-film franchise and their eventual duel to the death amidst the crumbling ruins of Hogwarts Castle will go down as some of the greatest on-screen moments in history.

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