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Crimson Peak - Edith & Ghost Mother

Meet Edith & Ghost Mother.

"It's not a ghost story... It's a story with ghosts in it." This utterance by our heroine Edith Cushing in Guillermo Del Toro's sumptuously decadent gothic romance proves to be mostly true, though when the ghosts are in it, they are truly in it. Victorian Era set Crimson Peak delivers thrills, chills, and vibrant red spills of blood as it tells the tale of a young woman named Edith who is swept up into a romantic liaison with a industrious fellow named Thomas Sharpe who is eager to marry Edith and move her into his palatial but dilapidated manor named Allerdale Hall (referred to in ghastly premonitions as Crimson Peak). Edith is instantly strong willed, intelligent, and likable, but the longer she remains in the decaying ruins of Allerdale Hale the deeper she sinks into dread and madness. Her wispy, white nightgown and pale complexion, perfectly illuminated by the candelabrum she carries, is the perfect contrast to the darkened confines of the manor she traverses and the exquisitely appointed spirits who torment her as she comes ever closer to discovering the mystery behind Crimson Peak. 

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