Meet Sub-Zero & Scorpion

Oh how many hours I spent as a youth playing the various Mortal Kombat games at arcades (yes those were a thing and they should never be forgotten! Like the Alamo!) and on home entertainment systems such as Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo! The original Mortal Kombat game was awesome and back then we hadn't ever seen a video game so brutal and bloody and unforgiving as that, but when the second game arrived our collective young boy brains exploded! It was downright epic and insane and god bless those beautiful 16bit graphics (pixellated blood has never looked so good before or since!). We would even buy game guides from our local video store (yes, those were a thing too dammit!) and scour through them just to learn all the right buttons to frantically smash when that fool would shout "Finish Him" just so we could remove a head, complete with dangling spinal cord, or knock someone off a bridge and down onto a row of spikes! Man, those were the days. We played outside and built forts and rode bikes through the neighborhood too, but when we could get a taste of that sweet Mortal Kombat carnage all was right in the world!

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