Meet Pat.

What's not to like about the 2000 film American Psycho? That nearly two decade old film showcased a tale of 1980s yuppy culture and decadence where our "hero" is a lunatic who murders his colleagues primarily out of jealousy and sometimes just out of boredom (but sometimes he just tortures and kills prostitutes and vagabonds) or does he? This blood-soaked tumble down the rabbit hole to a time not so long ago is perfect mixtures of horror, comedy, satire, and violent excess that makes for one hell of a film experience. Patrick Bateman, the young up-and-comer in the go go New York financial scene as portrayed masterfully by Christian Bale in his pre-Batman days is both a completely unrelatable sociopath and a charming, charismatic fellow who's presence we enjoy thoroughly. The nights when he gets that lust for ultra violence and then acts on his impulses (or maybe he doesn't...) are some of the most intense and frightening scenes in any movie of the last twenty years. Plus he just has genuinely good taste in clothes and music!

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