Meet Donnie & Frank.

I think just about everyone I know had a profound, "life changing" experience when they first saw Donnie Darko in their younger years. It is that sort of movie that one comes across in the latter teenage days or early in college and it has that profound effect of expanding your consciousness. Even if it isn't truly all that deep it has the feeling of being a game changer for the way you think about the world. Donnie himself is a conflicted high school student who wonders about the meaning of life and what the point of everything is, much like all of us do at some point in our adolescence. Trouble with teachers, early romantic feelings, not feeling like you fit in at home with your family, Donnie's life is a mirror to all of us who grew up in America in the 80's and 90's. His hero's journey is a dark one, one rooted in the existence of multiple universes and apocalyptic visions facilitated by a spectral rabbit man named Frank who guides Donnie through this tangent universe where he must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of those he loves and keep the primary universe from collapsing in on itself. He is the ultimate hero; one willing to sacrifice himself but also one who reminds us so much of ourselves and the experiences we too have shared in life.

Frank is one of the scariest things ever put to film! If I had random night time encounters with a 6 foot tall rabbit-man who spoke with a really spooky voice and told me about the end of the world I would probably pack it up and bolt for the door, but Donnie Darko is a better man than I. By the time we learn the sad truth about Frank and what happened to him we have gone on one hell of a ride through space and time via suburbia life, but when he comes a-callin' like a ghost out of a Charles Dickens novel he is genuinely fearsome! These qualities assure Frank his entrance into the hallowed halls of all-time famous movie antagonists! 

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