Meet the Hitchhiking Ghosts: Phineas, Ezra, & Gus. 

My first memories of going to Disneyland as a small boy include: Being terrified of the Matterhorn ride, being terrified of Splash Mountain, and being terrified of Donald Duck, yet being utterly entranced and won over the by Haunted Mansion! Wandering those eerie halls filled with bone-chilling organ music, spectral cries of terror, and all manner of objects floating as if carried by some unseen hand, I was smitten. That was 25 years ago and my love for the Mansion has only increased immensely as an adult. The layout, the aesthetic of the atmosphere, and the trickery of the imagineers to pull off the 999 happy haunts that inhabit that forlorn abode all create without a doubt the single most iconic Disney ride there is. What it lacks in the speed and death defying acrobatics of, say, Space Mountain or the Indiana Jones ride, it more than makes up for in it's elegance. I will never forget passing along through that hall of mirrors on my first ride around and seeing that hitchhiking ghost sitting right where I had been situated between my parents only mere seconds before! In building these three Heroes, I wanted to capture but a small sliver of the ghoulish good times that I felt that halcyon day so long ago and that I feel an even greater admiration for now as "grown up"!

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