Meet Jason.

What initially began as a knockoff of the slasher vs teenagers trope that was on the popularity rise after the success of Halloween two years before, Friday the 13th has fully blossomed into its own world-renowned franchise of films that tell the loosely connected story of dead boy come back to life as a murderous monster to seek revenge. Jason Voorhees, said boy who was ignored by counselors at his childhood summer camp is awoken from the dead and dropped back into the forests surrounding Camp Crystal Lake where he will always be slicing and dicing his way through a menagerie of lamebrain, beefcake dudes with popped polo shirt collars and morally loose chicks wearing shorts that are so short they almost don't count (and they always think it is a good idea to go skinny dipping after hearing stories of a murderous psychopath who kills teenagers like themselves.....)! All Friday the 13th and jason needed was an iconic mask to don for his yearly slaying, and though it took him several movies to find this missing piece once he did he was vaulted into the same pantheon of classic slashers as Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Ghostface, Pinhead, Jigsaw, and Chucky (no that fish hook guy from I Know What You Did Last Summer still does not count dammit!).

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