Meet Frankenstein's Monster.

A big, lumbering, growling monstrosity brought forth to life through alchemy and the obsessions of a young scientist, Frankenstein's Monster is the perfect gothic marriage of science and horror. This unholy beast hewn from the underworld and plucked down into the land of the living is the stuff of nightmares but also a romantically tragic essay on life and what it means. The classic incarnation of the monster has been heavily influenced by Boris Karloff as he portrays him in the classic Universal Monsters series and up through the Scooby Doo cartoons and the 1960s sitcom The Munsters, to the cheap mask and plastic neck bolts you can find annually at any Halloween costume shop around the country; the monster has a clearly defined look that is all at once easily parodied, but also unbelievably unforgettable and timeless.

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