Meet Mike.

The original Halloween is the scariest movie ever made, yet also the most endearing film of what would soon become the "slasher" genre. Part teenage babysitter in peril plot and part psychological thriller, Halloween succeeds in being 90 minutes of solid moody build up that is capped off with the greatest climax sequence in horror movie history. Every element works in perfect sync, from the first rapid strokes of the piano keys that make up that ever-so iconic score to the spot on casting of Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasance as the intrepid Dr. Samuel Loomis to the most iconic looking movie monster since Boris Karloff in Frankenstein. Halloween is seminal and it makes me try and guestimate the number of TV screens it must be flickering its blood soaked mayhem across every October the 31st. It reaches you deep down into your inner-ness because you feel like you know the sleepy town of Haddonfield, you remember those halcyon days of dressing in costume to go trick-or-treating, and you've been watched over by a teenage babysitter who'd rather gab with her friends on the phone than deal with your punk ass! We love the movie because we know all these elements and we can't help but wonder what we would ourselves do if suddenly we were being terrorized by a merciless psychopath hellbent on killing you and everyone you care about. Michael Myers is the embodiment of fear itself. He is the unknown evil of the abyss who knows neither remorse nor fear nor pain. And if you don't want to be skewered by a butcher knife and pinned up on the kitchen wall like a calendar then you better run son! If you are close enough to see the empty, black nothingness behind the modified William Shatner mask then it is too late and you're gonna die. Happy Halloween!

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